Homemade salad that I like

I’ve recently created a salad that I actually really enjoyed eating, and could see myself eating quite frequently, especially since I’m back at school now and most of the food sucks. It’s quite simple, and the most important ingredient is the dressing – Kewpie Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing, which I purchased at some random Japanese grocery store in SF’s Japantown. It looks like you can also buy it online, which I definitely plan to do when I run out of my current bottle! To that, I added some arugula (my favorite green) and some kimchi!

I’ve “prepared” it twice already, once in my room and once for on-the-go. For the latter, I packed it in a small mason jar with the dressing on the bottom, the arugula in the middle, and the kimchi on the top and ate it during class yesterday (I had straight classes from 11 – 4:20!). It was still fresh (and delicious) though it had been in my backpack, without any sort of refrigeration for a few hours. Also, it surprisingly mostly smelled of the sesame dressing and not the kimchi when I pulled it out, which I was grateful for 🙂



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