Doubly protected biker

I just saw a man (maybe a professor of some sort) biking around campus. What struck me was that he seemed to be wearing a complicated looking brown helmet. Upon closer inspection, I noticed he was actually wearing a floppy brown wide-brimmed hat clipped in under a brown helmet. I was amused by his commitment to protecting himself from both the sun and any cranial impacts. Unfortunately I didn’t capture an image, but I think the mental imagery as well as our constructed stories of what type of person he may be are pretty amusing too 🙂

Homemade salad that I like

I’ve recently created a salad that I actually really enjoyed eating, and could see myself eating quite frequently, especially since I’m back at school now and most of the food sucks. It’s quite simple, and the most important ingredient is the dressing – Kewpie Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing, which I purchased at some random Japanese grocery store in SF’s Japantown. It looks like you can also buy it online, which I definitely plan to do when I run out of my current bottle! To that, I added some arugula (my favorite green) and some kimchi! I’ve “prepared” it twice already, once in my room and once for on-the-go. For the latter, I packed it in a small mason jar with the dressing on the bottom, the arugula in the middle, and the kimchi on the top and ate it during class yesterday (I had straight classes from 11 – 4:20!). It was still fresh (and delicious) though it had been in my backpack,

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How I started enjoying art

Art is great because it’s accessible by nature. You can literally just look at it and see whatever it is. It’s easier to grasp than literature, which can sometimes require you to know certain vocabulary and also require more time/some patience.  I hate how many things have become so “intellectualized.” A big part of the reason I didn’t like art when I was younger was because of my English classes in middle and high school. They were pretty bad at encouraging you to come up with your own opinions. I remember I once turned in a quiz (on something related to Egyptian mythology) in 10th grade English, and I got pissed because I got marked off for a “defend your answer”- type question. When I asked the teacher why my answer was wrong, she essentially gave me a “because I said so” response. There were many instances of teachers saying “as long as you provide compelling supporting evidence, I’ll accept

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Feeding swans in Geneva

Before we start, I have to say that I didn’t know that feeding swans bread was harmful to them at the time. We Googled what swans eat and the first result included bread. Lesson relearned: Don’t take everything on the internet at face value! I feel guilty about feeding them bread, but there’s nothing I can do about it at this point. That aside, the experience was quite interesting. I hadn’t actually seen swans in the wild before, so seeing them in Geneva was a pleasant surprise. They’re so beautiful. We bought a baguette at the Sunday farmer’s market and probably used up 1/5 of it feeding the swans (~30?). There were also pigeons and ducks and birds that we inadvertently fed. At first, I was just taking chunks of bread and throwing them into the water. What happened was somewhat interesting and sad. Some of the swans started biting each others necks – I think to scare off competition?

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My first Reformation experience

I visited the Reformation store in SF (on Valencia) before my trip to Europe to buy some 80/90 degree-weather appropriate clothing. It was Reformation’s 4th brick-and-mortar store, out of the 6 stores now in existence. I was really confused when I walked into the store; I had walked past it multiple times but this was my first time actually entering. There were several other customers in the store, and their behavior was abnormal in a way that I couldn’t pinpoint. I am terrible at asking for help from customer service reps that aren’t in-your-face friendly, so I just started browsing the racks and pulled a dress off to try on. A sales associate quickly came over and semi-explained the system to me: she’d create a virtual dressing room, and I should notify her to add anything to the room. She asked for my name and added that dress to the room after verifying what size I wanted, and then put

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Why I’m restarting my blog

The reason is actually pretty simple, but I wanted to have a public explanation in writing. I visited the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin, and they had a wonderful special exhibition on the works of Jasper Morrison. There were two parts to the exhibit: one was Thingness, a retrospective that showed various works of furniture and other everyday objects that Morrison had created or collaborated on over the last 35 years; and the other was The Good Life, a selection of photo essays from his book of the same name. I really enjoyed reading about the Morrison’s design/thought processes in Thingness, but I was truly ~inspired~ by The Good Life. In each of the photo essays in The Good Life, Morrison writes about something that he noticed and photographed – he reflects on why that thing piqued his interest and imagines what sorts of conditions caused it to come in existence. I’m doing an awful job describing them – you’d probably get

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